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New Website!

Dec 15, 2015

Welcome to my new website! I have been working on learning how to web develop for the past four or five months in my spare time, and this is the …

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Ladylike Shoutouts!

Dec 3, 2015

Filming Ladylike was a blast! We will have more updates coming soon, but we want to extend a HUGE thank you to those who supported us financially on Indiegogo. I …

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ELO – When I Was A Boy

Nov 13, 2015

I recently filmed a music video for Jeff Lynne’s (ELO) new song, When I Was A Boy! You can see me slow-motion dancing starting at 57 seconds! It was a …

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“Hangry” Commercial on Comedy Central

Jun 25, 2015

My first nationally airing commercial has come out! It’s a Jack Link’s “Hangry” spot to promote Comedy Central’s new show, “Another Period.” It’s airing twice on Comedy Central and then …

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So Far, So Good… So Long!

Feb 10, 2015

Our last episode of Cost of Living was released last night! Although it was a bittersweet goodbye to the project, we had a ton of fun shooting it – especially …

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Costar on House of Lies

Dec 1, 2014

I finished filming my first co-star role a few weeks ago! It was pretty crazy to be acting alongside these huge names, and definitely inspiring. Steven Weber was the nicest, …

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Opening night of Sherlock Holmes at Rep Playhouse East

Nov 14, 2014

Hurry and get your tickets – our first weekend is already completely sold out! Tonight is opening night for Sherlock Holmes and the Adventures of The Suicide Club at Repertory …

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New Quizno’s video – Office Parkour

Jul 18, 2014

Director Oren Kaplan brought me back for another Quizno’s commercial! I’m featured as the romantic interest of our video game hero who does parkour for the video! It was pretty …

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Mad X-Men hit 1.5 million views!

Jun 15, 2014

Wow! We hit 1.5 million views! Have we officially gone “viral”? Check it out! I play Peggy from Mad Men in this Quizno’s mashup!

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