Ladylike Shoutouts!

Ladylike thanks you!

Filming Ladylike was a blast! We will have more updates coming soon, but we want to extend a HUGE thank you to those who supported us financially on Indiegogo. I pulled the following from the DaisyLight Facebook page:


The Ladylike Production Team would love to give our warmest and most heartfelt thanks to the generous people who supported us from the first. We are so grateful. Thank you.

Laura Uzarski
Maria Wilson
Douglas Saribay
Adam D Lehnert-Spalding
Kevin Howe
Alan and Jamie Applegate
Justin S McClain
David Knoche
Al Troupe
Christine and Chuck Parsons
Valaina Ruttenbur
Carla Lambert
Carlo Razo
Cindy Parsons
Mary Lou Rice
Genevieve Troupe
Jason Leyanna
Mitchell L Speers
Carlos F Rice

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