bkorpp daenerys targaryen burger king podcast

Guest on Comedy RPG Podcast BKORPP

bkorpp daenerys targaryen burger king podcast

I play the first guest on comedic RPG podcast BKORPP loosely based on D&D 5th edition! My story begins in episode 10: “It’s not D&D… It’s HBO”. The characters are sent on a mission by Tony Soprano, and I join their adventure as Daenerys Targaryen, a Draconic Sorcerer!

You can listen to the episode HERE.

Episode 10 description by DM Alec Robbins:

brand new episode of the Burger King Official Role-Playing Podcast is up! It’s part one of a brand new story arc where our heroes go see Tony Soprano about a Dragon Ball, with our first guest character (played by Jessica Lynn Parsons!)
please listen if you feel like you might enjoy some goofy half-hearted DnD that we’re pumping our hearts into!


BKORPP is a comedic role-playing podcast set in our modern-day (kind of. idk. there’s robots and magic apps???) join dungeon-master Alec Robbins along w/ Jason Emmons, Lauren Hoepner, and Ronnie Dezsi as they come to blows with fast-food conglomerates, laser tag champions, anime collectibles, and more!

new episode every other wednesday

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