Seed&Spark for This is Us

This is Us still

The director and producer of a film I recently shot, This is Us, has released a Seed&Spark page to raise funds for post production. Please hit the “Follow” button on the page! More about the film below:

About The Project
A young woman breaks things off with her boyfriend but finds out the universe has other plans. Desperate to move on, she is forced to literally relive the memories they’ve shared together. Pin-balling through time and space, she attempts to rewrite their shared history in hopes that she can find the man with whom she first fell in love.

This project came out of a place of wanting to see a relationship from both perspectives. Whose really at fault when love comes to an end, if you could go back and change something would you?

Up to this point we have funded the film completely out of our pockets to show that we believe in what we are creating. As festival deadlines get closer we are looking for a little bit of help to make these deadlines happen. Please see our incentives and other projects that we have created. If you enjoy the project but can’t contribute at this moment please like this project because it helps us prove to distributors that people are interestd.

We are very excited to share this story with you and hope you can join the journey with us. Have a great day and thank you for supporting or sharing this project.

Jerry J White III

Director/Producer of “This Is Us”

This is Us still