New Series: Shield Maidens

Shield Maidens Ep 1

Every week, I film a new webseries called, Shield Maidens, in which seven “deadly dames” play Dungeons and Dragons! We use our might and magic as a team to take on orcs, goblins, ogres, and other fantasy creatures in the same universe as Geek and Sundry’s, Critical Role! Dungeons and Dragons is a role playing game where we must act out and improvise scenarios in character, and the fate of our decision lies within the limitations of an expansive rule book, in the roll of our dice, and in the hands of our ever knowledgeable and omnipotent Dungeon Master.

We broadcast live every Tuesday at 6PM PST on Twitch, and following the broadcast our episode is available on YouTube. In our first episode, Raum’s Labyrinth, we find ourselves separated and trapped in a dungeon labyrinth, and we must work together to fight against its challenges to escape.

My character is L’eauen, a waterborn genasi sorcerer, who seeks to tame and hone her untamed, wild magic on her adventure.

Our Channels:

Twitch Channel
Youtube Channel

Our Dames:

Alaina Whitney / Kava, dragon born rogue
Actor, Producer
Website, Instagram

Avril Ilejay / Zephyr, air genasi monk
Associate Producer at NBC Universal

Emma H / Nix, gnome gunslinger
Freelance writer

Jessica Lynn Parsons / L’eauen, water genasi sorcerer
Actor, Web dev and admin at Archer Travel
Website, Instagram

Kailey Bray / Nila, barbarian pirate
Actor, Voice-over
Website, Instagram

Lauren Yates / Syzmarrah, tiefling paladin
Actor, Producer

Lexcee Riley / Dahlia, half-drow druid
Actor, Co-Founder/Writer at DaisyLight Productions
Website, Instagram

Our DM:

Andrew Knoche
Founder of The Ghic
Website, Twitter

Shield Maidens