Two new projects!

Little Hand day one

It’s been an exciting and busy week for me! I’ve been cast in two new, very cool projects.

The first is a feature written by Raymond Creamer, and produced by MoonDog Media, titled, Little Hand. I’ve been cast as Daniela, “…a young woman [who] breaks things off with her boyfriend but finds out the universe has other plans. Desperate to move on, she is forced to literally relive the memories they’ve shared together. Pin-balling through time and space, she attempts to rewrite their shared history in hopes that she can find the man with whom she first fell in love.” We had our first day of shooting yesterday!

Out of My Head

The second is a beautiful short film, written and directed by Asia LeMasters, titled, Out of My Head. It’s “…a tragic love story about two girls. Their love is highlighted perfectly, but despite how pure love can be, relationships don’t always end like we thought they would. The evolution of their relationship is shown through flashbacks as the girls reminisce better times together. After their relationship ends, Hailey desperately goes to a great length to be with Emma again.” I am playing Hailey, and we shoot this weekend!